Year-round greens for your table

September 12, 2019

Year-round greens for your table

I love eating local. There’s nothing like visiting a farmers market and holding a piece of produce that was picked a few hours ago. It’s a whole-body experience. When you pick up a peach, it’s heavy and sweet-smelling. When you pick up an apple, it’s the tiniest bit rough, not polished with wax for long storage. When you rub your thumb over a pepper, it squeaks.

I want every meal to have some of that squeaky-new feeling. I know it’s hard to eat local in the winter here. There are only so many squashes and potatoes, bean soups and carrot stews, that anyone wants to eat. But every time I step into the greenhouse, I enter a summer-in-miniature. There, the plants aren’t worried about snow or freezing temperatures. Instead, they’re just worried about every plant’s goal: getting a little closer to the sun.

I’m so thankful every year, in the depths of potato-and-squash season, when I can put fresh greens on the table for my family. I love being able to do it for you, too. If you haven’t explored our Snuck Shares yet, this is the perfect time of year. Whether you’d like some local kale for your lentil soup, or a family-sized portion of greens to add to every meal, we have a size for everyone. Year-round, Snuck Shares let you put fresh greens on the table, and bring with them that promise of harvests to come.

- Page
Farmer and Cultivator