General Farm Questions

Does Snuck Farm host weddings or events?

No, sorry. Snuck Farm is a working farm, and we're busy growing whole foods on a daily basis. Because of this we do not rent our barn or greenhouse for weddings or events. We do host our own events and workshops with professional instructors, and always announce those workshops on our Events & Workshops pages.

Does Snuck Farm offer tours?

Due to our Integrative Pest Management Program and our desire to keep our greens as clean as possible, we do not offer tours. To learn more about how we grow and to get a glimpse inside our greenhouse click here.

Can we take pictures on your farm?

As we are a commercial farm, along with a private residence, we are not allowing photo shoots or private gatherings on the farm.

Can I volunteer at the farm?

Yes! We have both work day and long term volunteer opportunities available. See our volunteer page for more information.

Snuck Share Questions

What is a Snuck Share and how does it work?

A Snuck Share is a subscription of delicious and fresh lettuces, herbs, and greens that you receive every week. The greens are grown year-round at Snuck Farm in Pleasant Grove, Utah using hydroponic methods. To sign up, simply select the size of share you want - or even multiple shares -  and pick up your greens every single week at the location of your choosing. You can also add extra products like fresh sourdough bread, fresh made yogurt, or salad dressing that can be added to your share. You can add, change, or cancel your shares at any time. 

Which share should I sign up for?

There are different sizes of shares ranging from our smallest offering - one bag of our premium salad mix - all the way up to the largest size box, the Large Share, which offers the most quantity and variety for you and your family. As everyone eats differently, it will always depend on how much you and your family consume each week. But the good news is, you can always adjust your shares to fit what you need each week. If you're going through your greens quickly, you can swap to the larger shares, or even add another share to customize how much you're getting each week. For example, some customers get a Large Share but want a bit more of the salad mix, so they'll add another bag of salad mix each week. Some customers get the Medium Share and add two or three Small shares each week.

If you want the most greens and the most variety, the Large share is the way to go.
If you simply want salad mix and lettuce heads, the Medium share is the way to go.
If you only want salad mix, the Small share is the way to go.

Mix and match with multiple shares to customize exactly what you want each week. 

How do I update my share?

You can make changes to your shares right from your account on our website. You can adjust which share you’re getting, add extra bags, or include some extra products such as salad dressing, bread, or yogurts. Just make any adjustments with quantities and products before Sunday to receive those items with your pickup on Wednesday (yogurts are two weeks out). Any adjustments made after Sunday will appear the following Wednesday. If you need more help you can always email us to let us know what you're trying to do, and we'll help get it taken care of. 

How do I skip a delivery one-time or for a vacation period?

You can skip a delivery right in your account online - you can do so from a computer or your mobile, right from our website. Just log in to your account, go to your upcoming orders list, and select “skip delivery” for the week you want to skip. You won’t be charged and no greens will be delivered. You’ll automatically resume the following week.

How do I change my pickup location?

You can change your pickup location at any time. Just have any adjustments made by Sunday each week for the changes to go into effect for the next week. Just log in to your account online and go to your account settings. There, you’ll find a drop-down of pickup locations to choose from. If you need any help with this, you can always contact us, and we’ll help make those changes. 

Can my shares be delivered to my house instead of a pickup location?

At this time, we are only offering shares to be picked up from various locations around the Salt Lake and Utah Counties. We may offer home delivery in the future, which if we do, we’ll make a major announcement. But for now, you can select the location you want to pick up from each week in your account online. You can change this at any time. Just make changes a week ahead of when you want the changes to take effect. Some customers pick up at locations that are near their home and others that are near their work. Just keep in mind that each location may have different available pickup times and instructions, which will be listed on the information for each pickup location. 

How do I cancel my shares?

You can make any adjustments to your shares right from your account online, including skipping deliveries for one week, or several. That way if you are leaving town, or need a short little break from shares, you can schedule that right from your account online. However, If you need help canceling your subscription entirely, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help with that right away. 

How do I update my payment information?

You can update your payment information right from your account online. Just log in to your account and go to your account settings. There, you’ll see a section to enter new payment information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more help. 

Can I substitute some products in my share that I don't like or use?

No, sorry. If you find that you don’t make use of one type of green, you can always change which share you’re on to get more of what you do enjoy. For example, some customers don’t like as much variety each week, and love the salad mix and lettuce heads. The best share to get is the Just Lettuce Share, and add a few extra salad mix shares to get the total amount of greens they want each week. You can customize which share you’re on, and even add multiples, to get what you want each week. 

What happens if I forget to pick up my shares?

Most pickup locations will hold your share for an extra day or two. Just give the pickup location a call and see if they still have your items. If any shares are left or forgotten, they will be donated to families in need through charities like Tabitha’s Way. If you know you won’t be able to pick up your shares in time, you can also see if someone else can grab them for you, or make arrangements with the pickup location directly to see if they can help. If you know you’re going on a vacation and won’t be able to pick up your items for the week, please make sure you skip the delivery for the week you’ll be gone (having that set by the Sunday before your vacation week at the latest). You can do this right from your account online in the upcoming orders section. Your shares will auto-resume the following week. 

What if there is a problem with my order?

Missing items? Confused about what share you’re supposed to receive? Sometime mistakes happen. Please contact us, and we’ll do all we can to make it right. 

I couldn't find my shares at my pickup location, what do I do? 

If you’re picking up in a commercial kitchen, such as Roxberry Juiceries, sometimes the employees simply overlook your name and don’t see your items by mistake. You can always ask them to double-check to make sure they didn’t miss your name by mistake. Some items like breads and yogurts are packaged separately from your bag of greens.  You can always give us a call to verify your share was sent to that location. If you’re picking up at a residential home, the shares are usually in a cooler on the front porch with the shares inside. If your share is not there, and you’ve double-checked all coolers (some locations have several), please contact us to verify that your share was sent to the correct location. Mistakes happen - maybe someone grabbed your bag by mistake, or make we accidentally put your bag in the wrong location bin. But either way, we’ll do all we can to make sure you’re taken care of. 

Can I start a pickup location in my neighborhood?

If you’re interested in hosting a pickup location in your neighborhood, please contact us! 

Should I wash my greens before eating?

Rinsing your greens before consuming is always a good idea. We don’t use any chemical sprays or pesticides, and our greens are grown indoors in our year-round, environmentally controlled greenhouse where quality is our highest priority. 

How should I store my greens?

We definitely recommend you enjoy your greens right away, but they will store wonderfully in your fridge. Keep your greens in its plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator when not in use. You’ll receive fresh greens the next week, so eat them up quickly! 

Are your greens Organic? 

Since day one of Snuck Farm, we have always used very strict procedures and methods in growing our produce, and always will. No chemical pesticides or herbicides are ever used, in whatever form - be it sprays or nutrients, etc. The quality of our produce will speak for itself. Although we don’t carry the organic label, our growing procedures are about as organic as they can get. 

Do you have any pests or bugs?

We keep a very strict pest-control management program where we inspect the entire greenhouse and all crops every week to make sure we don’t have any uninvited guests. Each crop is checked during harvesting as well for any signs of pests. And if we ever do find anything, we only use all-natural methods to keep things under control. Basically, we hire all-natural good bugs to fight the bad bugs. We never use chemical pesticides, or herbicides. 

Our cleanliness standards, and COVID-19:

Even before the COVID situation arose, we practiced very strict procedures with our harvesting teams regarding cleanliness, routine sanitization of all work areas, and proper use of gloves, aprons, masks, etc. Pandemic or not, these strict standards will always remain at Snuck Farm.