History and Mission

We exist to elevate the overall health of our community.
Our intention is to delight our customers by providing the highest quality products and educational opportunities that inspire sustainable lifestyles.
We’re committed to doing good in our community for generations to come.

Page Westover, founder of Snuck, inherited the 3 ½ acres of land the farm operates on from a few generations’-worth of family members. Through her desire to cultivate good in the land, her family, and community, the idea of Snuck Farm was born. The farm gets its name from her grandma Venice and grandpa “Snuck”, who farmed the land largely as a hobby but grew a large garden and pastured animals for their family and community to enjoy. 

“Farms are as unique as fingerprints,” says Page. “We pour so much of ourselves into them that they become extensions of our hopes, dreams, and values. They mean more than how we farm—they’re a reflection of why we farm.” 

In the greenhouses behind the barn, leafy greens and herbs are grown using hydroponic methods, making the best use of the farm’s limited acreage and allows the farm to save about 90% of standard water usage and grow up to eight times as much produce compared with using traditional farming methods. Other herbs, veggies, and cut flowers are also grown here, sans chemical pesticides and herbicides.

All that is done here is offered to the community through the onsite farmshop, Snuck Flowers program, and regular workshops hosted on the farm. 

Put simply, the story of Snuck is a story of tradition and innovation beautifully blended. It’s the story of legacies: those left to us and those we leave behind. Time will pass, seasons will change, and we will all, each of us, grow. And it is a privilege to grow.