How We Grow

At Snuck we believe that it takes a variety of growing techniques and methods to adequately feed our communities now and in the future. We use both hydroponic farming and organic soil farming methods to grow the large variety of crops we produce on our farm. 

 The majority of the greens we grow on the farm are grown hydroponically, year-round in greenhouses. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions.  Nutrients are delivered to the plant in irrigation water eliminating soil.  Water is re-circulated and none is wasted.  Deciding to grow hydroponically spoke to the family land we had the opportunity to use, where our farm is located (drought-prone Utah), and how we wanted to utilize the relatively small space we had to farm. Learn more here.

We reserve one of our greenhouses and the remainder of our farmyard to grow organic fruits and vegetables in the soil. We believe the living soil is the Earth's most valuable ecosystem, providing a beautiful microbiome that supports us, animals, and our plants. We love getting back to our roots, digging in the dirt, and nurturing our plants using traditional organic practices.

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