• How we grow

    modern urban farming

Hydroponic Farming

The majority of the greens we grow on the farm are grown hydroponically, year-round in greenhouses. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions. Nutrients are delivered to the plant in irrigation water, eliminating soil. All of the water is re-circulated and none is wasted. Deciding to grow hydroponically spoke to the family land we had the opportunity to use, where our farm is located (drought-prone Utah), and how we wanted to utilize the relatively small space we had to farm.

Benefits of Hydroponics


Our growing methods yield at least 8 times more product per acre than field production. We essentially use less space to grow more and we never use genetically modified seeds. 


We understand that water is an invaluable resource, especially here in Utah. Agriculture is the largest consumer of fresh water on the planet. Recirculating hydroponics is the most water-efficient form of agriculture in the world. Our system uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture while drastically reducing agricultural runoff. Runoff is one of the leading causes of global water pollution.


We have carefully designed our year-round greenhouses to reduce energy demand. Computer control systems ensure that climate control equipment operates efficiently to reduce resource consumption. Our facility incorporates several advanced thermal design features that substantially reduce heating demand and fossil fuel use.  

Pesticide/Herbicide Free:

Our produce is free of any chemical pesticides or herbicides.  We implement a comprehensive integrated pest management program (IPM) both in our greenhouses and around the farmyard. Our program employs a multi-faceted approach including stringent preventative and monitoring techniques and biological controls, including beneficial insects. Growing hydroponically completely eliminates the use of herbicides.

Food Miles:

All of our produce is bought and sold within a 45 mile radius of the farm, thus reducing transportation fuel consumption, the associated carbon emissions and air pollution.


We never use genetically modified seeds (GMO's). We are very passionate about growing the absolute best quality greens that we can for our community, friends, and of course, our own families. We source our seeds from suppliers that carry the same passion and strict standards.

Organic Soil Farming

We reserve one of our greenhouses and the remainder of our farmyard to grow organic fruits and vegetables in the soil. We believe the living soil is the Earth's most valuable ecosystem, providing a beautiful microbiome that supports us, animals, and our plants. We love getting back to our roots, digging in the dirt, and nurturing our plants using traditional organic practices.