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What is a Snuck Share?

What if you could pick up a bag of greens harvested yesterday, with a fresh taste, tender crunch, and refrigerator longevity that keeps them from turning into mush within days?

With a Snuck Share, you can.

A Snuck Share is a bag of greens, grown year round in our chemical pesticide-free hydroponic greenhouse, and harvested the day before pickup. The shares range in size from moderate amounts of salad mix or kale to family-sized selections of the many lettuces, greens, and herbs we grow. They’re designed to meet the needs of your busy life: The shares are picked up weekly, with a month-to-month commitment, and paid for monthly with an easy recurring payment. Because they’re picked to order, and only delivered within a 45-mile radius of our farm, they’re always fresh, highly nutritious and ready to add to your table. To compliment your greens, we offer a curated, locally produced selection of add-ons, like farm-fresh eggs, bread, and yogurt, that can be picked up with your share. Snuck Shares are available for pick up at our farm in Pleasant Grove and in locations from Salt Lake County to Utah County, so no matter where you live, there’s likely a pickup option near you.

Simply put, subscribing to a Snuck Share means savoring deeply nutritious, flavorful greens that will keep you and your family happy and healthy all year round.

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