What feels good

August 31, 2020

What feels good

We’re diving deeper this year. Just like the things we grow, we’ve found our roots, and now we’re exploring the environment around us. A lot of it gets done by feel.

It feels good to know that 175 families are opening their refrigerators to find food with some soul inside. To find something that was grown and produced with love.

It feels good to meet with this team, this second family we’ve built, and to watch the beauty they bring forth. More than I could have imagined, starting out.

It feels good to see people get excited about the Cut-Flower Gardening Course, or to talk to people who can’t wait to sign their child up for the Youth Whole-Food Cooking Class. It feels good to talk to the people who aren’t doing either of those things, who don’t feel drawn to them, and to find out what they are drawn to. Because there’s a lot more coming.

It feels good to send you these conversations, to give you a little glimpse inside our world. And it feels good when you write back, whether it’s in the form of commenting on an Instagram post or starting a little conversation at greens pickup.

We’re just getting started this year. There is so much amazing stuff to come.

-Farmer & Cultivator

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