Youth Whole Food Cooking Classes

Kids build their know-how and confidence in the kitchen—as well as their taste for new cuisines—at our Youth Whole Food Cooking Classes. We’ve limited our classes to small groups to ensure each child gets a hands-on experience. The three-hour experience immerses children in the skills they need to prepare their own food, and the background knowledge that will help them appreciate it. Led by experienced instructor Maddie Judge, students will truly take their food from farm to table. They’ll explore the way food is produced at Snuck Farm, harvest some of the ingredients they’ll need, and prepare delicious recipes. They will also, of course, sample what they make and take home the recipes to try them again at home. They’ll leave feeling empowered to take on the challenge of cooking from scratch, and with a new passion for good, nutritious food.

What to Expect:

  • Learning about how food is grown at Snuck Farm, and harvesting some of the ingredients for the recipes.
  • Exploration and hands on application of basic cooking skills such as following a recipe, measuring, knife skills, and how to use other kitchen tools.
  • Hands on practice of basic cooking methods such as baking, roasting, and sautéing while preparing healthy recipes.
  • Eating and enjoying the food prepared with other class members.
  • Recipes to take home and use in the home kitchen.
  • Small classes with only 8 kids per session. Each child will get one on one instruction from Maddie. 

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