Try something new

August 31, 2020

Try something new

It's no secret that we love learning, and experimenting - and yes, the hard lessons that sometimes come along the way. But when we learn together, our time is joyful. We get to feel the way that feeling of growth moves around us as a group, and the way we hold space for each other. Coming up at Snuck, we have a whole range of new ways we're inviting you to join us.

On August 27, put on your smock and break out the paintbrushes for a creative Painting on the Farm Workshop with fabulous local artist Colby Sanford. Let go of your preconceptions about yourself as a creator and explore your intuitive inner vision, leaving at the end of the night with a unique piece to hang in your home.

We're adding a little fizz to the fall at our September 3 Water Kefir and Wild Sodas Workshop with Cache Canning Co. These all-natural, home-fermented beverages are as nourishing as they are delicious, and endlessly customizable. Find your own favorite flavor combinations in this hands-on class.

Finally, turn some simple materials into a bundle of blossoms with Sego Lily Flower Farm as you attend our Cut Flower Crate Workshop. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a new gardener, and whether you're growing in a huge space or a tiny balcony corner, you'll be set up for spring bloom success.

-Farmer & Cultivator