Eat Your Greens

March 13, 2019

Eat Your Greens

As farmer, a former nutritionist, and a mom, I'm always cooking for a crowd with lots of tastes. Here's the thing: as long as you don't make eating well a big deal - and as long as the food you put on the table tastes good - it's easy to get more healthy produce.

Some of my favorite tips for getting more greens in your diet:

  • Try different oils for dressing and cooking. You can always use classic extra virgin olive oil, but you can also add a little nuttiness with walnut oil or an Asian twist with sesame oil. Taste a few options to find one you like!
  • Get to know your greens. It's easy to fall into eating the ones you love over and over, but try switching it up with different combinations of sweet and bitter greens, as well as the accent of fresh herbs. We've got a handy guide to greens and herbs (with pictures!) on our website.
  • Think outside the salad. A handful of chopped greens can add nutrients, minerals, and fiber to practically anything from a sandwich to soup to pasta to a smoothie.
Check out a few favorite recipes via this link below, and get cooking!


Farmer and Cultivator