Arugula has a slightly nutty taste and a mild spicy flavor. It is member of mustard family and is commonly used in Mediterranean cooking. Arugula is great in salads, by itself or mixed with lettuce greens. It is also a wonderful addition to pasta dishes and sandwiches.


Basil is a popular Mediterranean herb is one of the main ingredients in caprese salad, bruschetta, and pesto, but these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to basil's possibilities. We also use it to make salad dressings, basil mayo, basil butter, basil infused olive oil and basil vinegar.  

Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead very popular gourmet head of lettuce that is desired for its bright green leaves, sweet taste and tender texture. It is wonderful used in salads, sandwiches and tacos. It is one of the most common varieties used for making lettuce wraps.


Chard is a dark green is nutrient rich and has a naturally vibrant mix of fun colorful stems. Chard is very universal in the kitchen and can be used in nearly any dish. Use in your favorite egg dish, casseroles, stir fry or as a side dish sautéed in olive oil and garlic. It is also good eaten raw in salads and can be used as a substitute for spinach.


The kale grown in our greenhouse is like none other you’ve experienced. Our kale is mild in flavor and has a tender texture that makes your favorite kale salad recipes perfect. They are also great in sautés or green smoothies (stems and all!).    

Summer Crisp Lettuce

Summer Crisp lettuce is one of the crispiest varieties we grow. These wavy succulent leaves are not only easy on the eyes, but they are also a sweet crispy delight for the palate. Perfect for your next sandwich, lettuce wrap or dinner salad.

Salad Mix

Our Salad Mix is a tender mix of green and red lettuce varieties. When available we add beet greens or edible flowers just for a pop of color and flavor. Our salad mix is perfect for making quick delicious gourmet salads. Spice up your salad mix by adding in  arugula, sorrel, kale, or watercress. You can also add it to your green smoothie for a boost of greens.


Cress has cute little leaves with a pleasant peppery flavor. Watercress is packed with antioxidants and has significant levels of Vitamins K, A and C, along with B-vitamins and calcium. Add watercress to your salad mix or in your favorite soup, sandwich, pasta salad, and potato salad recipes.


Fennel is popular for its licorice or anise flavor. Most people are probably more familiar with fennel in its bulb form, but the seeds, flowers and fronds (leaves) are also edible and used frequently in Mediterranean dishes. Leaves can be used in salads, salad dressings, spreads or mixed drinks. They pair extremely well well with citrus so try them in your next winter salad or added to your favorite lemon chicken recipe.

Baby Romaine

Romaine lettuce is known for its crisp elongated leaves. Our baby romaine varies in size from small tender leaves that are ideal for a tender salad to leaves that are large enough to use for making lettuce wraps.


Neither a lemon or spinach, Sorrel has a tangy sour apple taste that is known as the main ingredient in “French Sorrel Soup”. You can mix this green in with your salads greens, or use it to make pesto, sauces, or salad dressing. The farm favorite Green Goddess Dressing recipe calls for sorrel.  It is also a fun addition to smoothies.

Mustard Greens

Mustard greens have a wonderful spicy flavor. They are a great way to add flavor, texture and color to your favorite recipes. Try adding them to soup, salad mixes, or sandwiches. We highly recommend adding them to your chicken salad sandwiches.

Bok Choy

Also known as Pak Choy, Bok Choy is a relative of cabbage and used predominantly in Southeast Asian cuisine. Great in stir-fry or in simple sautés.


Mint is native to Europe and the Middle East. Great for making tabbouleh salads or infusing drinks. It's great as an added boost of flavor in many meals or drinks as well as a garnish to your favorite dish.


Parsley is one of those versatile herbs that go well in a wide array of dishes. Any soup is better with it, scrambled eggs take on a whole new persona, and mashed potatoes gain a savory warmth.

Pea Shoots

Pea Shoots are a nutrient-rich green often found in Asian dishes, however, they are a great compliment to practically any dish. Mix them into a salad or cook them into a stir-fry, stems and all!

Multi Green Lettuce

Multi Green lettuce is one of the more crisp varieties of lettuce that we grow. It’s dark green color and finely serrated leaves will add some nice color and texture to your salads and sandwiches.

Garlic Chives

Garlic chives are a good choice for those who shy away from full-flavored garlic, They are used extensively in Asian dishes, but you can use garlic chives as you would regular chives—in salad dressings, soups, and as a garnish.

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce is appropriately named for its oakleaf-shaped leaves and offers tender and tasty leaves. It has a buttery texture and an incredibly mellow, nutty and sweet flavor, which it is known for.

Red Summer Crisp lettuce

Red Summer Crisp lettuce is a beautiful variety of Summer Crisp whose leaves darken toward the top of the plant. Just like your typical Summer Crisp lettuce, this variety has a sweet crispy taste to it, perfect for your next sandwich, lettuce wrap or dinner salad.


Dill is a versatile herb that pairs nicely with an array of dishes, from soup to scrambled eggs to mashed potatoes. It’s the perfect ingredient to add an extra kick of flavor to your meal, not to mention all the nutritional benefits that dill provides.

Flashy Trout Lettuce

Flashy Trout is a specialty lettuce that chefs like our friends at Table X love to order.  This tender and delicious head is sure to add some flair to your dishes this week with its attractive red freckled leaves that fade to maroon as the leaves mature.


Oregano’s strong flavor and aromatic leaves make it a great addition to Italian dishes, fish, eggs, tomatoes dishes, vegetables and so much more. This versatile herb is the perfect flavor boost for any meal.

Braising Mix

A delightful mix of winter dark leafy greens that are most commonly seen at farmers markets durning the cold months. They are excellent for using in soups, stir fry or a vegetable Sautés. The contents of braising mix will vary due to seasonal availability but the most common items used in a mix are: kale, rainbow chard, beet greens, turnip greens, mustard green, cauliflower greens, bak choy, and spinach.

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