Happy New Year

January 02, 2020

Happy New Year

Every New Year, we’re surrounded by calls to make ourselves different in some way. Exercise more, journal every day, detach from social media...so many messages imply that we’re not being the best versions of ourselves. You could be better, they say. Here are all the ways you could be better.

But you can’t be better. All you can be is you. What if we didn’t feel so much pressure to change all the time? What if we just accepted ourselves for who we are? There’s never a bad time to add healthy foods to your meals—but when you do, you’re not better, you’re just a person who’s adding some healthy food. Just like when you have weeks when eating fast food is all that’s going to happen, you’re not worse. You’re just a person with a lot of time constraints. You’re just you.

So this year, we’re not telling you to be a new person. We’re embracing exactly who you are now. Just like we’ll embrace exactly who you are tomorrow, and the day after. If you want to get creative, you're welcome to join us at our Greens Series Class on January 16. If you want to give kids some freedom and inspiration to take charge in the kitchen, we have an upcoming Children's Cooking Class on January 25 and February 22. No matter what you choose to do, it all becomes part of who you are. It’s 2020. Let’s just be, here, together.

- Page
Farmer & Cultivator