Get acquainted with your greens

March 13, 2019

Get acquainted with your greens

Let’s be honest, we’ve all stood at the farmer’s market or grocery store, trying not to seem too obvious, eyeing a...fruit? vegetable? decorative element? we’ve never seen before. There’s so much variety in the natural world that it seems a shame not to try new things - but what do you use them for?

Here’s why farmer’s markets are awesome: the farmer can tell you both what it is you’re looking at and how to use it best. When the hands that grew the food are the same hands giving it to you, you’re not only getting freshness, you’re also getting expertise.

We might not be a traditional farmer’s market, but we’ve thought a lot about that kind of education recently. We want people to be empowered to use their greens and their farmyard veggies! For example, did you know that sorrel has a sour-apple bite, making it a fun addition for smoothies, or that you can make an amazing pesto out of pea shoots?

With that in mind, we’ve dedicated a few spots on our site to getting you acquainted with some great greens. You can find descriptions (most with pictures!) on our Greens page, and even some of our favorite recipes.

So the next time you’re at the market, or opening up your share, take a chance on something you haven’t tried before. Who knows, it might become a new favorite.


Farmer and Cultivator