You've come so far

September 07, 2020

You've come so far

There’s a few weeks every year where summer and fall meet. A season in between the seasons that is almost as distinct as the two it sits between. The mornings have a crisp cool that make us crave the chill of fall, and the afternoons warm up and remind us of the summer we have enjoyed.

The farm is at its peak during this time. The participants in our Backyard Cut Flower Garden Course are harvesting armfuls of blooming flowers each week. The plants around the farm are big and large and green and colorful. The farmyard is harvesting at its fullest potential.

Something about this season between the seasons makes us want to stop and recognize everything that we’ve done so far. Recognize the growth and the work, the harvest and the potential. Not just with the plants, although they are a beautiful representation of growth and attention, but with ourselves as well.

You’ve come so far this year. Let yourself be grateful.

-Farmer & Cultivator