You asked for it, kids want it: Kid's Cooking Class

August 15, 2019

You asked for it, kids want it: Kid's Cooking Class

Introduce your children to the joy of the kitchen through our Kids Cooking Series. In a supportive, small-group environment, children ages 10-13 will explore the tools and techniques they need to create delicious, healthy meals. We’ll learn kitchen safety and knife skills, and we’ll have lots of hands-on experience getting the most out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Each week, the class builds on the skills built before. In no time, even the most novice young chef will be creating culinary masterpieces!

Through this 13-week class, kids will gain an appreciation for simple, whole foods. The food we eat ties closely into how we feel - and has a reverberating effect on our environment. By making nutritious, responsible choices, we feel better and lighten our footprint on the earth. Children will learn about meal planning, eating a balanced diet, and basic nutrition. They’ll get in touch with their food in a whole new way.

To keep the class truly hands-on and responsive to the children, seats are limited. Sign up early to reserve your child’s spot in this empowering learning experience.

Have questions about allergies or dietary restrictions? Get in touch with us here.

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