Where to go next

December 12, 2019

Where to go next

We choose our directions for reasons that may not always be apparent. Sometimes we choose them because we feel called one way or another. Sometimes we choose them because we’re trying to be the person someone else wants us to be. I’ve done that many times in my life: picked a path because someone I cared about pointed it out.

I don’t do that as much anymore. As I’ve taken on this Snuck Farm project, it’s made me stand taller on my own. It makes picking paths more uncertain. It’s a strange kind of power, to be in the middle of your own world and have an infinite number of choices. It’s so much easier when someone tells you what to do! In choosing this path for myself, I’ve chosen to be the one who has to weigh all the options. I surround myself with an expert team, and listen to their ideas. But at the end of the day, I have to make a call.

It’s not that different from parenting. You can get advice from everyone, and read a hundred books, you’re the one who has to do stick to whatever path you choose. You’re the one who has to adapt if it doesn’t work out.

Doing this has been empowering, and scary, and the most intense learning experience of my life. I’m so happy I get to share glimpses into it with you.

- Farmer and Cultivator