What's in a name

August 31, 2020

What's in a name

In the past few months, we've had a huge number of new signups for our newsletters, Snuck Shares, Farmyard Shares, and more. We've met so many neighbors who are interested in and committed to eating local. And we've gotten a lot of questions about the farm: everything from our growing philosophy to why we have such an unusual name.

Those of you who have been here for a while might already know the story. Those of you who are new will enjoy the reminder. Because it all begins with a mischievous little boy named Boyd Fugal, who liked to slink around and disappear, only to reappear later with a good-natured practical joke. He kept his family laughing with his joy and his sense of humor. He grew up and became my grandpa, but he never lost that sparkle in his eye.

Have you guessed his nickname yet? If you guessed "Snuck," you're right!

Boyd and his wife, Venice - my grandparents - taught me so much about farming and being a steward of the land. They cared about the community in deep, enduring ways. They taught all of us about the importance of creating spaces we love and doing something we love within them. Every time I drive past the sign with his name, that’s what I think about: loving, thriving people who brought out the goodness and growth in everyone around them. Every time we plant something, or harvest, or send out a share, it’s at least in part in honor of the people who made it possible to have, and hold, this dream.

-Farmer & Cultivator