What to do with a day

August 31, 2020

What to do with a day

This February, we get a special gift: a whole extra 24 hours. It probably doesn’t feel like that special of a thing. How important is a 366th day in the context of 365 others? A drop in the ocean.

It’s not so much the day itself as it is the reminder: that time is limited and fleeting. That we won’t, probably, finish everything we set out to do. We all realize that, at some point, moving from the abundance of childhood into the reality of life as an adult. We can give up, letting go of the things we dreamed and forgoing opportunities that might not pan out. Filling ourselves with second-guessing and regret. Wondering constantly whether we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

The antidote - living in the present - has become one of those buzzy catchphrases. Something you’d see on the side of a water bottle or on mass-manufactured art, meant to be seen but not really lived. But I think we can push back against that. Living mindfully doesn’t mean ignoring the past and the future. It just means that when we’re doing something, we’re really doing it. When we’re having a conversation, we’re coming together with no agenda except connection. We can listen deeply to our kids when they tell us stories or bring home their hopes and dreams and worries. We can love the people we love, with open hearts.

So. How are you going to embrace your precious, precious time?

-Farmer & Cultivator