What Makes a Family Table

June 06, 2019

What Makes a Family Table

Sometimes, the smallest touches make a simple space feel more like a home. When I eat dinner with my family, we take the time to set out the dishes, arrange the silverware, light some candles. In the summer, meals often include flowers. It brings us together to have this ritual to share. It carves out a space where we are a family, and where distractions remain outside. Within the space, we’re fully available to each other.

I wanted to share one of those small things that can turn a simple ritual into a special one. It’s why we’re partnering with Local Roots Flower Farm to bring back the Fresh Flower Share. Just like they did last year, they’ll be cutting their gorgeous fresh blooms and arranging them into bouquets that you take home from Snuck Farm each week. For nine weeks, you’ll enjoy a range of just-cut flowers in every color under the sun, all artfully arranged. Put them in a vase on the table, and no matter what you’re doing there, it will feel that much more special.

We only have a few more of the shares available, so visit our website for more information and to reserve yours!

Farmer & Cultivator