Try putting something new on the table

August 08, 2019

Try putting something new on the table

There’s no easier time to eat healthy than right now, in the middle of the summer. New harvests are available every week, and our refrigerators are stocked full of the freshest local produce.

I’ve talked to many people, over the years, who are intimidated by cooking. They see it as a mysterious skill. They have an idea that it’s something you’re either innately talented at or innately bad at, without a lot of room for those of us in the middle.

Here’s something you should know, though: cooking healthy meals for yourself and for your family doesn’t have to be a struggle. Instead, it can be empowering. When you cook, especially when you cook local food, you’re honoring your body and your connection to nature. You can involve your family in something that is healthful for all of you, meaning you get not only a nourishing meal, but also a nourishing tradition.

Keep it simple. Stay attuned to what your body is telling you. Sit down, and enjoy a good meal.

I’m passionate about eating well—it’s the grounding for everything we do here at Snuck Farm. I’ve come to recognise it’s not enough just to provide the raw ingredients for good food. That’s why we provide recipes on our website, and are offering our annual Back to School Greens Class on September 19.

Come be inspired to add more plant-based foods to your table, more greens to your bowl, and more of what speaks to your soul.

Farmer & Cultivator