True to form

November 16, 2020

True to form

As we’ve brought on a few new team members in the past weeks, it has gotten us thinking about some of the basic principles that we use as a team. We use them everyday, but as new team members come on, it makes us think more intentionally about what we want them to know - about us and about them.

Like many businesses, we have a Code of Conduct that outlines how we want our team to be: overarching ideas that we can fall back on together. There are many important points that we feel strongly about, but one that has continued to come up recently is Simplicity.

In our lives and in our work, there are natural complexities, webs that are interwoven, sometimes beautifully, and sometimes making a mess of string. The skill to simplicity, (and yes, we believe it’s a skill) is unweaving the complication. Combing the web back to necessary strands, and intentionally braiding it together, making things approachable, understandable and unembellished.

Simple doesn’t mean easy. Simple doesn’t mean obvious.

Simple means that we’ve peeled back the layers, combed through what’s unnecessary, and kept things true to their form.

-Farmer & Cultivator