Tips for cooking together

August 29, 2019

Tips for cooking together

Many of the families I talk to fully believe in the importance of eating together. They’ve built routines around sitting at the table, and they come together each night to savor a meal. Increasingly, I’ve also gotten questions about cooking together. Cooking with kids is a treat, and one you don’t have to wait to enjoy. Even the youngest members of your family can get in on the action! Here are our top three tips for getting kids involved in the kitchen:

  1. Let go of perfection. When kids help out, your carrot slices might not be quite even, your pasta might clump together occasionally, and your mashed potatoes might have a few lumps in them. It’s okay! The tradeoff for slightly imperfect meals is empowered kids who have had a hand in providing for the family’s needs.
  2. Set age-appropriate tasks. Even a toddler can get in on the action by tearing up leafy greens or whisking a sauce. Keep older kids engaged with more interesting challenges like mincing an onion or chopping herbs. Just be sure to model anything dangerous like using a knife or the stove.
  3. Make it low-stakes and fun. Put on some favorite music or a podcast you’re all interested in. Invite kids in and don’t be thrown if they want to join some days and opt-out others.

Cooking benefits kids in countless ways. It supports their fine-motor skills, their reasoning, and their attention to detail. It empowers them to make healthier choices and take ownership of what they eat. That’s why we’re offering our Kids Whole Foods Cooking Series, and why we encourage everyone to bring the family together in the kitchen.

Farmer and Cultivator