The strength of community

August 31, 2020

The strength of community

We're here. In any kind of weather, no matter what the circumstance, no matter what surrounds us. The plants don't stop; the greens don't slow down; we don't either.

Over and over again, we've discovered that people find us when they're ready. They come for a class and stay for a moment afterward, soaking in what they've learned. After a visit the Farm Stand, they can't imagine not coming back. Our greens feature in a restaurant salad and people seek us out to find more. It's like we send signals out into the universe, and when you're ready, you hear them.

We've felt the humbling response to those little signals in these past few months, as more and more people have really started to ask themselves what they value, what that means to them, and how they want to live. As we move forward in our community, we welcome you to continue sharing how you found us, or how we found you. Because no matter how it happened, we're glad it did.

-Farmer & Cultivator