The peace between

January 04, 2021

The peace between

The commotion of the holidays is over and all that's left is the quiet. While we love the activity of pre-holiday preparation, there is a peace that follows in the week after the gifts are opened and appreciated. The pause between holidays, the suspended action before our new year begins.

In this quiet we hope you find peace. We hope you are able to spend extra time with your loved ones, read a new book and do a ridiculously complicated puzzle. And then we hope when the new year comes, you grab onto some of that peace and drag it with you into the New Year.

The New Year, while an exciting turn of a page, can be filled with guilty resolutions and a picture of ourselves so distorted from the realistic gradual betterment that we find ourselves feeling inadequate and failed. This year, we hope you focus on the peace. The kindness, and connection. And maybe, if you're feeling up to it, eating more delicious greens.

Come see us before the year is through. Our Farmshop will be open Wednesday from 9am-6pm and Thursday from 9am-2pm.

-Farmer & Cultivator