The long haul

August 31, 2020

The long haul

We are your farm. We're here because of and for our community. And because we're situated here in this place, surrounded by people who value the same kinds of nourishing experiences that we do, we're with you for the long haul.

Some of our first customers have been picking up shares here for years. We've watched their kids grow from big-eyed newborns into energetic toddlers into preschoolers who have questions as boundless as the sky. We've listened to their stories, and shared in some small way in their lives. And we feel deeply privileged to be included that way. When you come to the farm, you're invited into our family. So many of you, in so many ways, have also invited us into yours.

We can't wait to experience next week, next month, next year - next decade. We want to see those kids grow up into teenagers and adults, and maybe bring their own wide-eyed newborns to visit. That isn't something that's built on bundles of greens. Instead, it's something built on a community that values sustainability, that craves the kind of deep nourishment that comes from connection.

-Farmer & Cultivator