The language of flowers

August 31, 2020

The language of flowers

Our community always brings so much to the farm. We're surrounded by beauty - beautiful words, and intentions, and actions. People are making space for each other in ways we haven't practiced before, but with an incredible amount of grace. We're learning together, holding each other up, and forging a way into the future.

The gardeners whose plots have burst into blossom are just some of the people who have infused their joy and care into the farm this year. Led by Sego Lily Flower Farm, these gardeners started with bare earth, a few seedlings, some tubers, tools, and their hands. They planted and tended. They watered and watched. Each time they returned, there was less soil and more green. Now, their carefully tended gardens have turned into rainbows of color. The flower beds not only serve up flowers for each gardener (and those lucky enough to be on the bouquet-receiving list) but also make our farm feel like a home for everyone who comes to visit.

We encourage you to take a look at the flower beds the next time you visit. Just stop, for a moment, to notice the shape, color, texture, scent. Let yourself carry that moment with you through the rest of your day, out again into the world.

-Farmer & Cultivator