The best summer produce

February 15, 2021

The best summer produce

There's nothing quite like homemade salsa from fresh tomatoes or the first juicy bite of a summer peach. The summer produce season is something we look forward to every year, and something we're always excited to share. This year, we’ve had a remarkable interest in fresh, local produce that will nourish your family. More and more people are recognizing the simple joy of eating locally, eating well, and ensuring you get the freshest produce right from the source. A huge part of our mission is to make that hand-harvested produce available to you and the people you love.

This year, we are again partnering with Carter's Family Farm, a community-trusted source who has been in operation since 2013, to bring you our Farmyard Share. They don't use spray or pesticides on their crops, and they take great care with each and every piece they include in their shares. In each share, you can expect to find a varied selection of summer produce, including both classic veggies and heirloom farm specialties.

We're excited to be partnering with them again, and know you'll enjoy each week of your share.

-Farmer & Cultivator