Space for gratitude

November 16, 2020

Space for gratitude

While gratitude should be practiced all year long, the holiday season brings space and a certain intentionality that allows for reflection, presence and appreciation. We're deeply thankful for the work that we do every day. We're surrounded by a supportive community, team members who see and elevate our vision, and more and more opportunity to explain how we see the world.

This season we limited our gatherings, but had the opportunity to grow and honor other small businesses in new ways. We partnered with Jenevieve Hubbard of Beehive Floral Co. to create wilderness-inspired handmade wreaths for preorder and the Farm Stand. A small, but intentional honoring of the circular connections we have with each other. A one-of-a-kind piece that will live and breathe with you this season.

Another circular symbol of the season - a way to share the harvest, an offering of gratitude to those that make up your table - is the tradional dessert of pie. Together with Culinary Crafts we're offering handmade, artisan pies just in time for the holiday.

While the wreaths are stunning, and the pies are delicious, we hope that the time spent with loved ones, the moments reflecting on deep gratitude, and the still that only the cool weather brings are the things that will really make an impact on you this season.

-Farmer & Cultivator