Something like home

August 31, 2020

Something like home

The flower garden to the west of the Farm Stand has truly arrived in these past few weeks, turning from a few tiny seedlings into a thriving spread of growth. It's a reminder, every time we walk through it, of everything that happens both too slowly for us to see and so quickly that time almost seems to skip. You've probably had moments in your life like this: you blink, and an infant is walking and talking; a new house becomes an old familiar home; a new acquaintance becomes a treasured friend. We don't stop and measure each one each day because it's not necessary. They're just moving at their own pace. We don't always know what's going to be important until afterwards, anyway, and so try as we might, we miss parts of it.

There's a temptation to cling, when we sense that time might be moving a little bit out of our grasp. But what if we didn't? What if, instead, we just let ourselves truly experience what's happening now? When you visit the Farm Stand, we encourage you to meander the flower garden. Take in the air. Say hi to the animals. Feel the way the sun warms your face, the backs of your hands. Take your nourishment from the food you pick up, but also from the experience of being here, now, at home in the world.

-Farmer & Cultivator

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