Skills for the 21st century

March 13, 2019

Skills for the 21st century

When I think of homesteaders, I think of the old West: people scraping a living out of dusty soil; hot summers and freezing winters; unending stretches of sky. Homesteaders are gritty, honest, and hardworking. They're also generous and communal, sharing what they have and what they know. You never know when your neighbor is going to be your lifeline, or when what you have is going to be exactly what's needed.

At Snuck Farm, I've tried to keep the homesteading spirit of my family alive. Of course, as culture has evolved, so has what I do. A homesteader 100 years ago wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of a hydroponic greenhouse! We have a lot of modern conveniences now that early Utah homesteaders couldn't have dreamed of, and we have packed schedules with plenty to keep us busy. But something deeper than how we grow our food has remained constant: being warm, being engaged, and building relationships.

This year, Snuck Farm is bringing you the Modern Homestead Series: a collection of workshops on living on and with the land. We'll be teaching and bringing experts to talk about keeping bees and chickens, gardening, eating healthy, and more. Together, we're building that same sustainable, handy, generous community, and reclaiming lost arts for the 21st century. You don't have to dive in to every new workshop or move to a house off the grid! But we're teaching skills you can use no matter where and how you live.

Our first workshop of the series is a classic, back by popular demand. At the Eat Well, Feel Good class, you'll learn easy ways to make from-scratch cooking part of your routine. It's amazing how good we feel when we're empowered to use fresh and healthy ingredients, and listen to our bodies' feedback. We have more energy, we learn and retain information better, and we even get sick less often. So come join us, find your community, and feel strong in the new year.



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