Sinking in our roots

October 01, 2020

Sinking in our roots

We recently had a large wind storm in Utah. It swept through the valley damaging homes, power lines, and large, seemingly sturdy, trees, with an intensity that we only allow of nature. Many wise old pines, though tall and healthy, came crashing down because their root systems were shallow and couldn't hold up to the force of the wind.

The storm changed our physical landscape and it also was a rare chance for forced introspection and community cohesion. Neighbors worked together to cut trees, mend homes, and share power. People joined intentions, and cleaned up the streets that we all share. We all were invited to take a step back and realize that we cannot control everything, but with the help of our rooted communities we can get through anything.

All of us strive for self-empowerment and self-reliance, and sometimes you have to cut off a branch to let a tree grow to its fullest potential. We have to let life release our expectations like leaves to the wind. Watching the pines fall made us realize that maybe we're trying too hard to spread our roots out, rather than pushing our roots down. Maybe we need to release our grips on the minutia, the breeze of our lives, and focus more intentionally on sinking our roots deep into the ground: our communities, our families, our work. It's your chance to decide what truly matters to you.

-Farmer & Cultivator