Share in the goodness

March 13, 2019

Share in the goodness

Last year, we decided to try something a little off our beaten path, debuting a Farmyard Share in addition to our week-to-week Snuck Greens Shares. We guessed that people who were interested in eating local and adding healthy produce to their meals would love the opportunity. The only thing we didn't guess was how manypeople would want a share! As a result, we're not only offering it again, but also offering a few more spots this year. We've also created half shares for smaller households or people who cook less often, so you can get all the deliciousness without worrying about waste. If you missed out on the chance to get a Farmyard Share in 2018, sign up soon for one of these limited-edition shares this summer.

Farmyard Shares will be available for weekly pickup in early summer of this year. The produce is grown organically from non-GMO seeds we start right here on the farm - or occasionally sourced from local farms that share our commitment to eating well. We also provide fruit through a partnership with a local family farm that uses minimal spray techniques in their orchards. The shares run for 18 weeks, meaning you'll get a full range of seasonal produce throughout the growing season. And we heard from those of you who wanted more ideas of what to do with your produce: we'll continue to include recipes and suggestions for how to make the most of your share.

Of course, what's a table without flowers? We're working with some of our favorite people over at Local Roots Flower Farm to bring you another year of Fresh Flower Shares. This 9-week share features the best of Local Roots' Nephi-grown flowers, professionally arranged just for you each week. All you have to do is pick them up and put them in a vase with some water to enjoy fresh blooms at the height of their beauty.

We can't wait to get growing this summer, and to send the fruits of that work out to everyone in our community. Click here to get more details and to reserve your shares!


Farmer and Cultivator