Saying farewell to 2019

December 26, 2019

Saying farewell to 2019

This is our last email of the year. Our last of the decade - though since Snuck isn’t a decade old, that feels a little strange to say. (Who can say what we’ll look like when 2030 rolls around!) A lot has happened this year, most of it good. We’ve met new friends and reconnected with old ones. We’ve grown food together, in the greenhouse and in the rich soil. With many hands, we’ve gathered that food and shared it with our members. We’ve learned together and cooked together and eaten together.

In 2020, we’re continuing all of this and more. We’re exploring new partnerships that might change parts of how we use our land. We’ve seen some teammates leave, and we’re bringing new ones on. In the coming months, we’re building another season of classes, inviting our neighbors to explore new skills.

I can’t say for sure what 2020 is going to bring, but I can say without reservation that I’m excited to find out. I’m especially excited to find out with you, the community that makes this all possible. We’re going to keep eating well. We’re going to keep doing good. And we’re going to do it all with and for you.

From all of us at Snuck Farm, warmest wishes for a happy New Year.

- Farmer and Cultivator