Organic Cycles

October 01, 2020

Organic Cycles

Often in our busy lives, we don't take the time to pause and notice what's going on around us - the organic cycles of nature that don't need us to operate. These aren't the same cycles that trap us in our quest for busy action. These are the cycles of quiet intention. The same energy that welcomes the sun each morning and flows through our growing plants. These organic cycles will continue whether we finish our to-do's, miss an appointment, or hide away from it all. Either way we look outside, and just like that, summer ends and fall begins.

The trees will lose their leaves. The mountains will transform into a palette of orange. Animals will follow their instinctual cues to prepare and protect themselves from the cold. Nature will operate in its organic cycles, just like the year before. Fall is a season of movement, a season of transition. Things look like they are starting to die, but they are just preparing for rebirth in the new year. They are intentionally letting go of what's not needed so they can preserve what is essential.

We could learn from these cycles. Let's shed our busy energy, connect with the organic cycles of life, and notice, really pay attention, to what's going on around us.

-Farmer & Cultivator