Meaningful work comes from intentions

September 05, 2019

Meaningful work comes from intentions

When I was a kid, one of my jobs was helping Grandma clean up around the house. As I’m sure was true for many of you when you worked on your childhood chores, I was always tempted to rush through it. I wanted to cut corners, wiggling out of “just right” and into “good enough.” After all, I had important teenaged things to do!

But even when I wanted to skimp on the quality of work - even when the work bored me to tears - I did it for one simple reason: I cared about my grandparents. I wanted them to feel appreciated, and the work of my hands made that possible. It wasn’t really about sweeping under the table or dusting the shelves. It was about love, and the purpose that love allows.

We work for many reasons. Some of us work to sustain ourselves and our families. Some of us feel passionate about what we do. Some of us thrive when given a routine, an organizing structure.

I started Snuck Farm for all of those reasons. My work here, though, always comes from a place of intention. I’m not madly in love with every single aspect of running a farm. But even when I’m doing the parts that aren’t passions, that just have to be done, I can imagine who will benefit. I can picture the family eating the food we grow. The quality matters not only because I care about the work, but also because I care about who receives it.

You might not be blood family, but you’re farm family. That matters, too.

- Page
Farmer and Cultivator