Making space

August 31, 2020

Making space

Part of what a gathering does is create space. A gathering of friends makes time for catching up, for thinking about how our lives fit into narratives and how those narratives make our world. A gathering of family renews old ties or strengthens the newest ones. And even when we can't gather - when time or place or circumstance keep us apart - we can still hold that space for each other.

As we transition once again into a new part of the year, into the first days of fall and into the swing of a life dictated by the rhythms of school, we can make that space even more powerful. We can check in on each other, and see how our friends are holding up. We can call that person we're always meaning to talk to and never quite finding the time to share with. When we talk about having a strong community, what that means is that each of us is taking a part in building it, and each of us is holding it, together.

-Farmer & Cultivator

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