Little joys

November 16, 2020

Little joys

The daylight starts earlier now. Our days feeling shorter with an early sunset, hours before we plan to go to bed. Our bodies, for a few weeks at least, feeling confused by the darkness, and ready to slow down shortly after dinner. Shifting into a new routine, affected so much by the Sun's light, even though with the technology now, we can for most purposes ignore it. Our bodies react to the Earth and the Sun, just like our ancestors' did before they had artificial light and heat.

Mornings become a source of joy during this part of the year. Sitting out in the early morning, soaking in the quiet, before the day begins. At the end of the day we might miss the disappearing rays of sunshine, but in the morning the Sun greets you, piercing through the cool morning air.

There's so much to be grateful for this time of year, mornings and sunshine being two of them. We hope you start your day with the light of the Sun and take notice of the little joys throughout your day.

-Farmer & Cultivator