Let's eat better, together

February 15, 2021

Let's eat better, together

When you pick up your Snuck Share every week, do you have ideas of how you are going to use it already formed up? Have you written out your meal plan before you go grocery shopping, or are you the kind to throw together your dinner based on what you can imagine up from your existing ingredients?

We have curated our Snuck Shares based on both personalities. If you have planned out every detail of your meals, you can rest assured that our Shares include staple ingredients that will add flavor and freshness. If you have no idea what you're going to eat for dinner, let alone two days from now, our Snuck Share is also for you. Your grab-and-go approach will only benefit from filling your fridge with clean options that can be eaten by themselves, or pair nicely together.

If you're not part of our Snuck Share program yet, join now. Our Snuck Shares offer weekly customization and flexibility, have multiple pick up locations, and once you're part of our Shares, you can add other great staples like fresh sourdough bread, creamy yogurt, salad dressing and more.

Let's eat better, together.

-Farmer & Cultivator