Learning more about ourselves

August 31, 2020

Learning more about ourselves

Many of us, right now, are learning the value of a strong community. We might always have known it, on some level. But now, as we rely on each other more than ever, we're able to articulate the things we need. We're more expansive with our feelings and our understandings. That's a gift.

You've probably gotten bombarded recently with new ways to practice self-care: online yoga classes and meditations and recipes and hobbies. That can be empowering - there's so much opportunity! But it can also get overwhelming quickly. It can feel like if you're not doing something all the time, you're missing out - even though it might be hard to say what exactly you're missing out on.

I think wellness can be simpler than that. It can mean just being honest: with yourself, and about yourself. It's okay, if things don't feel normal, not to push on as if they are. It's okay if self-care for you doesn't look like what you'd imagined, or if you're feeling big things that take time to process.

We can nourish ourselves and our loved ones no matter what. You can be yourself no matter what. You don't have to be some mythical best version of yourself. You can just be.

-Farmer & Cultivator