How to stay nourished

August 31, 2020

How to stay nourished

Nourishment is about much more than food. It’s what keeps our hearts and souls fed and nurtured. It’s what allows us to love and cherish each other. When we’re nourished, we can nourish others.

It’s probably hard for you to feel fully nourished right now. We’re all having to make do without some of the little things that fill our lives, whether it’s the daily chitchat with the barista who you see every morning, or the routine of leaving the house for work, or the security of knowing that your kids are getting a great education - from someone who isn’t you.

But there’s space even in a difficult time to nourish ourselves. There’s time to slow down, and to grant ourselves some forgiveness. We aren’t going to be perfect people right now: perfect parents or partners or friends. We can, though, find what gives us the energy to find a version of ourselves we can sustain. That sustains our families and our relationships, even if those relationships are a little more virtual or distant than we’d hope.

As much as we can, we can treat ourselves generously. We can eat well. We can move our bodies. We can give our minds a little something to chew on - a chapter of a book, or a new album to listen to. We can find the little spaces that give us what we need.

Whatever you need, we’re here for you. We continue to be amazed by and grateful for our community, and how it sustains our joy and spirit. What is sustaining yours?

-Farmer & Cultivator