Homestead Series at Snuck Farm

July 08, 2019

Homestead Series at Snuck Farm

At Snuck Farm, we’re reinventing the homestead for the 21st century. Homesteaders are everything we admire: people who work hard, with a sense of where they are in the world and how they relate to one another and the earth. They’re generous, community-oriented, willing to share what they have and what they know. They’re great neighbors, and strong friends. This land was settled by homesteaders in the late 1800s, and although the exact methods we use have changed, the spirit of adventure and of community hasn’t.

As our world has evolved, many of us have gotten away from our ancestors’ self-sustaining skills. This isn’t a bad thing - time that we don’t have to spend sewing our own clothes or processing our own wheat is time we can spend on the people and pastimes we love. But it also means we have time to pursue some of the skills our ancestors were experts at, like beekeeping, flower and vegetable gardening, keeping chickens, and more. We do it not out of necessity, but out of joy: to build relationships and new passions.

We’re exploring all of this in our Modern Homestead Series: a collection of workshops on living on and with the land. Together, we're building a sustainable, handy, generous community, and reclaiming lost arts for the 21st century. We're teaching skills you can use no matter where and how you live.

Come check out our Modern Homestead Series to see which classes are coming up, and to be inspired to bring a little of that homesteading spirit to your home!

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