Giving kids confidence in the kitchen - Kids Cooking Series

August 29, 2019

Giving kids confidence in the kitchen - Kids Cooking Series

In my experience, the best way to get kids interested in healthy cooking and eating is to get them involved in the kitchen. When we cook as a family, we all have a stake in the final meal, and that allows us to enjoy it more fully. We can set the table and fill our plates, each of us having created a part of what now works together as a whole, rounded experience.

Inviting children to cook with us is inviting them into a deeper understanding of the food they eat. It prompts them to learn about the nutritional needs of their bodies, and how different foods contribute to health. Over time, they learn to consider the balance of flavors and wholesome ingredients that go into a dish. They become more well-rounded, independent, and reflective people, capable of thinking deeply about their own choices.

This fall, we’re hosting a Kids Whole Foods Cooking Series for children ages 10-13. Once a week, a small group of kids will come to the farm, learning the basic skills and techniques they need to be successful in the kitchen. They’ll master knife skills and safety, practice recipes, and discuss the different parts of our bodies’ needs that are met by different foods. At the conclusion of the 13-week class, they’ll be confident chefs, ready to tackle all kinds of kitchen challenges. And they’ll have the tools they need to be a meaningful part of family meal preparation - an ongoing benefit they’ll cherish for years to come.

- Page
Farmer and Cultivator