Coming up next in our new workshop lineup

June 25, 2019

Coming up next in our new workshop lineup

This year, we’ve experimented with inviting people for new ways to experience Snuck Farm. We’re excited to offer three events - one for adults, one for kids, and one for anyone who loves growing flowers.

Field to Glass Workshop

July 9, 7:00-8:30 pm

We’re exploring the whole range of fresh herb flavors in this workshop that will teach you how to make shrubs, agua frescas, and simple syrups. Guided by guest presenter Martha Puentes (Dine On In), you’ll take a tour of the farm and harvest your own herbs. Then you’ll get some hands-on practice with making your own tonics and syrups. We’ll even mix our own mocktails for a refreshing treat. You’ll leave with your own shrub and plenty of ideas for bringing versatile new flavors into your beverages, baking, and cooking.

Kids Nature Week

July 15-18, 9:00 am-12:00 pm

On mornings July 15-18, we’re inviting 9-12-year-olds to Snuck Farm to explore the ins and outs of the wild world, right here among our growing farmyard plants. They’ll discover the webs of relationships that allow us to grow the food we eat, exploring the importance of plants, animals, soil, and weather through hands-on activities that appeal to their questioning, curious minds. At this age, children are wondering how they fit into their world, and we’re of the mind that the way to figure it out is to get up close and personal with that world for themselves. Children will leave the week empowered to ask questions, find answers, and deeply appreciate the natural world.


Cut Flower Field to Vase Workshop

August 15, 7:30-8:30 pm

Local flowers bring light and color to the summer season. Learn how to cut and arrange your own bouquets in this summer at this workshop. Guest presenter Maria from Save the Bees Flower Co. will discuss how to turn the peak of summer flower season into long-lasting floral arrangements. You’ll explore the varieties of cut flowers, how to recognize them, and how to take advantage of their properties. Of course, you’ll also get hands-on, practicing by harvesting flowers into a container of water, then preparing them indoors.

- Page
Farmer & Cultivator