Broadening our experiences

February 15, 2021

Broadening our experiences

It's easy, especially this time of year, to make grand exclamations of all the things we are going to change. We list off the foods that we are no longer going to eat, the amount of time we are going to spend outside, and on and on. Change is good, and we are always trying to become better, but what we have come to find is that the big resolutions are actually not the things that make the biggest impact.

This year, we are focusing on broadening our experiences. Trying new things, learning new skills. Finding some that we like, and some that we're pathetically bad at; laughing about it as we try again. Learning how to grow new things. Failing. Planting something else.

As we curate the workshops we offer this year, we hope you'll join us. We're bringing people to the farm who we want to learn from, who can offer expertise that we are curious about. First off, Greg Hall of Khorasan Mills who is going to be teaching all about the art of sourdough. Next up is Colby Sanford, who will be guiding participants through a Greenhouse Painting Experience.

We'll see you soon.

-Farmer & Cultivator