Books to teach and inspire gardeners

December 05, 2019

Books to teach and inspire gardeners

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to get those gifts checked off our list. I know the feeling of being torn as you look at each name. I always want to get something personal, something that’s not just a gift for gift’s sake. I want something meaningful, useful, beautiful. The books we’ve picked for our general store are all three.

This holiday season, send some inspiration to the gardeners in your life. We’ve curated a small selection of our favorite gardening and food preservation books to share with our community this season. We’ve all picked up a book about gardening only to find it doesn’t apply at all to our situation, so we chose books that account for our short growing season. They’ll be a source of ideas through the winter, and an invaluable resource in the spring.

Check them out here!

- Farmer and Cultivator