Begin as you mean to go on

August 31, 2020

Begin as you mean to go on

Everything we've built here, we've built to be sustainable. That's the kind of buzzword that's gotten so much use lately that it's hard to tell, sometimes, what it means. People use it to mean eco-friendly, or local, or smaller-footprint. And we certainly think about all of those things as we develop as a business and as a farm.

But for us, sustainability is rooted in something simpler. It means looking at every step of our process and asking: Can we keep doing this? Is this something that makes sense to do tomorrow, and next month, and next year? Can we keep providing these things and spaces and services to our community? What do we need to do in order to sustain not only our relationship with the earth, but with each other?

Really, the answer to all of that comes back to community. If you've ever listened to a chorus, you know that together, singers can sustain a single note indefinitely. Each individual one of us needs to breathe. But when we work together, we can take turns being the one breathing, and the thing we're creating - the art, the music, the place - never falters. That's what working here feels like, and that's what sustainability means for us. It means starting as you intend to go on - and going on with the intention that started you off. Together, we're doing that, sustaining ourselves and our community.

-Farmer & Cultivator