Becoming more aware

December 21, 2020

Becoming more aware

Spending more time at home, while sometimes not exactly what we want to do, has also been an eye-opening experience in the intentional lifestyle that we work hard to promote. More time in our space means more focus on what we have in our space, more attention on what we end up doing while we are at home, and more opportunities to get called "mom" and "dad."

Not all of our findings have been optimal. We've spent a lot time staring at a decoration that we hate questioning why we don't just take it down. We've used the microwave as our personal chef for dinner more times than we care to admit, and the TV often becomes the babysitter when we just need a break from being the responsible party.

Yes, these things aren't our ideal, but we're here to say "it's okay." Intentional living doesn't mean that we're always perfect. It means that we're aware. It means that we make little changes toward a healthier place for ourselves and our families.

We're becoming more aware of how we can improve, but we're also recognizing that there have been really great things too. We did end up taking down a lot of decorations and coming to a more minimal style which makes us feel lighter and happier. We replaced some of our decorations with pieces from small-batch artisans that we love like the holiday artisan wreaths from Beehive Floral. We have been going on more walks, getting fresh air and recognizing all the beautiful things outside that we took for granted in the past. We've cooked more as a family, played more games and made making homemade pizzas and hot chocolate a full-on activity. We've laughed a lot, petted our dog a lot, and felt really grateful for everything we have.

We're living intentionally. Aware every day of the good, the medium, and the "we could do better." If you're feeling grateful, take a moment to donate to Tabitha's Way.

It's the perfect way to spread the abundance of the season.

-Farmer & Cultivator