Annual Plant Sale: May 4

March 13, 2019

Annual Plant Sale: May 4

Planting a seed is planting a future. The seed fits in the palm of my hand, brown or green or purple or red, wrinkled or smooth, shiny or matte. I push it into the soil and for a few days or weeks, it disappears. I water and wait.

Then, something amazing happens. Two tiny leaves push up through the soil, and uncurl. A few more leaves join them. A branching stem. A flower.

In the winter, we plant thousands of those futures in our greenhouse, where they're kept sheltered from the cold. They'll unfurl. They'll grow. And on May 4, they'll find a new home in a garden with someone who will love them just like we do. At our annual plant sale, which has rapidly become one of our favorite events, we gather to celebrate a new growing season. We put out stretches of organic and heirloom plant starts, from fun tomato varieties to herbs, flowers, and veggies. We partner with other local artisans and businesses to bring in food, music, and flowers. It's a great time!

But most importantly of all, we hand you a future: small, green, ready to thrive. RSVP here.


Farmer and Cultivator