Adding extra deliciousness to your Snuck Share

July 17, 2019

Adding extra deliciousness to your Snuck Share

Many of you reading this blog are here because you like greens. You love a heaping helping of salad or some delicious green goodness in your sandwiches. You’re committed to eating healthy, and eating local, with all that both of those commitments entail. And every day, we’re grateful to have met those of you whose paths mirror ours. You inspire us to do what we do and do it better.

Part of our own commitment to eating local is partnership with other small businesses that make amazing food. We work with them to offer add-ons to our shares so that you can enjoy fresh food beyond the produce that we grow.

We’re currently working with the unparalleled Abigail’s Oven to bring you delicious naturally-leavened sourdough breads. The grains used in the different bread varieties are all grown locally, and made using ancient fermentation and leavening processes updated for the modern world. A taste of this bread convinced us; we’re never going back.

We also love working with Milk Honey Yogurt to bring you delicious yogurt full of gut-friendly probiotics and healthy local dairy. The milk is sourced from the happy, grass-fed cows of Redmond Farm and comes in five different flavors from standby vanilla to exotic lavender.

You can choose add-on shares to add to your greens share at any time—just visit our web store to sign up!

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