A thoughtful journey

August 31, 2020

A thoughtful journey

In a community like ours, it's easy to feel satisfied. We've built a space and a business that we find beautiful, and that we take great joy in sharing. Every week as people come to pick up shares, or as we drive shares out into local neighborhood pickup spots, we feel a deep sense of connection with you and the kinds of lives you've committed to building.

We like taking the scenic route, and with you, we've found a group of people that seems to see the world similarly. You aren't chasing the fastest way to do something, the easiest or quickest or most efficient way from point A to point B. Instead, you value the process. You recognize the importance of both the journey and the individual steps we take along the way.

As we're exploring new partnerships, building in new collaborations, and waiting for new plants to grow, we're watching those steps. We're counting each one. We're not rushing it. And we're excited to share that thoughtful, intentional journey with you.

-Farmer & Cultivator