A change of plans

May 29, 2019

A change of plans

A little while ago, we shared our plans for the farm stand: a small area on the farm that would be available to community members who wanted to purchase our produce and some personal care items. After some reflection on the direction we’re taking, we’ve decided to open the farm stand on an occasional basis this year, but not to offer regular hours. We want to ensure we can keep offering the absolute best produce and greens we can grow. Also, as a small operation, we want to avoid spreading ourselves too thin.

The upshot of all this? The farm stand will be open from time to time throughout the growing season. You’ll see a sign out when we’re open and taking customers, and we’ll post updates to our social media feeds when we anticipate having a surplus to share with you. We’ll keep thinking about how to make more of our goods available to our customers. Most of all, we’ll keep our focus where it should be: on being a resource for good food in the community.

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